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The Rural Report 2023/2024

The Report explores current and future opportunities for businesses in the rural context, and how this can impact the community and the planet. In addition to an overview of the sector, the report provides an in-depth look at the trends and dynamics of this segment of the market, providing opportunities for investment and sustainable development.
The Rural Report is an essential document for those involved in the rural sector, including farmers, investors and agricultural policy makers.


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Working alongside our creative agency, Wink, we started with a question: what is wealth?


In the past, the answer might have focused on equities, property, gold, bonds and digital assets.
Increasingly, though, a broader definition that embraces the natural world – forests, oceans and climate – seems more appropriate.
This year’s cover and dividers visualise many of these concepts in a digital way, showing a matrix of the diverse range of materials that represent wealth today.


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